Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tips on Using the Toilet

This man has the best channel on youtube.

‪HAMBEAST- Ode To Shitting The Bed‬‏

And no.. the big ass shit does not belong to us. We found the pic on the internet and thought it would be funny for our video. If something that big ever came out of me I don't know what the fuck I would ever do with myself...


another one of our tunes. a metallica cover of creeping death


Our mic broke so all you get is the tunes. Soon you'll hear it all though.. very soon. For now just enjoy it without my yelly vocals haha

Love it..

Dear Michelle,

You really need to get over this insomnia thing...
And you need to start working on your comic again...

Or you can continue to laugh wildly when you're really ready to scream and breakdown.