Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Know of any good movies?

If anyone knows of any good movies out there- please let me know! Maybe it's a stupid thing to be asking for.. I've seen so many and I'm so disappointed with recent movies and their stupid anticlimactic endings that make me want to throw things.

Maybe if anyone could recommend a good book instead? I've read a lot of those too, but there's sooo many books I haven't read..hmm does anyone even read this shit? probably not.


Tony Iommi (Featuring Philip Anselmo) - Time Is Mine

Monday, June 20, 2011

I've decided

I don't like people that say think they're funny. I like people that are funny without even realizing it. Not people that try extremely hard. I'm so sick of people. No wonder I hate leaving my house. I fucking love cheesewhiz and I recently quit drinking regular milk and am now drinking almond milk and its damn tasty. Goes great with cheesewhiz toast! Yahyuhh

KFC- Kentucky Fried Children

MmmmmMMmm! Today I'm going to leave my house and go to the book store and buy BOOKS. Then I'll go buy some food and then walk my ass back on home. Probably play some videogames later on and then of course-I'll read my books and eat my food. Probably listen to some music after that. After all that, I'll probably take my medication and then go to bed.